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Meet the Staff

Eric Barton
Eric has been licensed for life and health insurance since September 1, 1989.  He was licensed in property and casualty insurance on September 29, 1990, and was licensed for variable life contracts on September 29, 2000.  Eric worked as an agency producer and customer service representative untill June of 1997. 


In 1997, he contracted with Farmers Insurance Group.  He achieved production awards from 1998-2001.  He maintained profitable agency growth awarded by contract value bonuses at 3% per year to the maximum of 18%.  He was appointed to Farmers Employees and Agent Political Action Committee Board of Directors in September of 2010, and served until December 2013. 


Eric served on the Board of Directors for Scenic Rivers Life Underwriters in various capacities as Treasurer, Secretary, and President from 1990 to 1997.


Eric served on the Missouri Association of Life Underwriters as Community Service Chairman from 1994-1995. Missouri Association of Life Underwriters changed their name to better promote their membership to Missouri Association of Insurance and Financial Advisors.


Eric kept focused on Group and Individual health insurance though out his career.  In September of 2013 Eric retired from Farmers Insruance Group to focus on the growing healthcare issue.  His main objective since 2010 has been to stay educated on the chagnes occuring in the health insurance industry.

Cheryle (Calhoun) Bailey

Cheryle started the insurance agency in 1987 as a health insurance agency.   She worked with individual and group health markets to build a base for the multiline agency.    Cheryle also developed a working knowledge of many individual products to include Medicare, and recently, the Part D plans to assist those in the senior market.  Cheryle added Farmers Insurance Group to the agency in June of 1989.   


Since then, Cheryle grew the agency and developed a support staff to serve the client base.  Cheryle facilitated the changes required to operate a multiline agency.  


Though Cheryle’s role has changed within the agency over the years, she is still active in the day to day operations. From maintaining all financial records to assuring proper contract compliance with all companies the agency represents, Cheryle's influence guides the agency as it continues to grow.

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Barton Insurance Services

8 N Main Street
Farmington, MO 63640


Tel: 800-616-3789 / (573) 756-3789

Fax: 573-756-8975


Monday - Friday 

8:00 am to 5:00 pm


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Henry Lee Shumake

Henry graduated high school and completed sixty college credit hours. He joined the US Army at 17 years old.  After 2 years in the US Army, he returned to Farmington to work as a Produce Manager and became Glenwood Lees’ first manager.  He then joined the US Air Force Reserves in December of 1949, and was recalled to active duty in May of 1950 where he was assigned to food breakdown and costing of each meal. In 1952, he was assigned to Okinawa with the same position.  After a few weeks, he was assigned to run the clubs where the commander agreed to send him back to commissary in one year .


He served two years as NCOIC of the unit in Okinawa, and returned to the states as NCOIC for two years at Cheyenne, Wyoming. He served five years on recruiting duty, and then, served a one year tour in Alaska as exchange manager in charge of a store, snack bar, barber shop and theater. Then, he was assigned to the exchange officer school in Lee Virginia, and then on to Vietnam for one year as exchange manager for four stores. He retired after 22 years.


Henry was hired by Blue Cross of Mission as a sales representative for the Farmington area.  After six months, he was hired as District Manager for the Cape Girardeau area.  This consisted of an office in Cape Girardeau with four representatives and an office manager for all of Southeast Missouri.  He was responsible for enrolling all groups as small as two employees and up as well as servicing the Federal employee programs.


After two years, the company changed to two regional manager positions for the 90 counties in Missouri.  Henry was assigned the out-of-state position.  The position consisted of three districts and four offices.  He was in charge of enrolling new businesses with 3+ employees, and also, for the service of these groups.  Working from home, he reported to the Director of Marketing.  He worked very close with the Manager of Underwriting and the Director for actuarial services.  He met with the managers and directors at least once a week to review accounts.  He had the privilege of attending a number of schools on health care and cost.


Henry received his certificate as a Healthcare Consultant from the Marketing Development Institute at Purdue University in Indiana.  After 15 years of traveling the state, they reorganized the districts to a regional position.  Henry accepted the Cape Girardeau Region position for three years and was responsible for servicing all groups with two or more employees.  The region had three, full-time, new business representatives and two service only representatives as well as two telephone representatives and a secretary.


Henry spent three great years helping groups build benefit structures at a cost they could afford. The training Henry received over the years helped the region retain 97% of all its business groups.


Henry has been with Barton Insurance Agency since he retired from Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Missouri on December 31, 1989.  His specialties include consulting large groups and working with Eric Barton and insurance actuaries to obtain the best rate for the groups.  Henry has worked with cities, governments and school groups for 40 years.  He also works with retirees to coordinate their group insurance with Medicare, and he works to settle claim disputes.

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